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Coaching retreat for ​women

In a world filled with constant distractions and external pressures, it's easy to lose sight of our ​dreams, desires, and the essence of who we truly are. Therefore, we come together to explore, ​reflect, and reconnect with the most important person in our lives: ourselves.

We created this retreat for professional women who want to co-create and rediscover their ​inner balance and purpose. We are providing a space for relaxation, self-discovery, empowering ​the mind, connecting with the body, and building a supportive community for personal and ​professional growth beyond the retreat.

You are invited to learn from our experience as coaches and leaders, gaining insights from what ​has worked for clients, for us and what drives success in leadership and thoughtful self-care.

February 16 - 18th 2024

Hoorneboeg 5, 1213 RE Hilversum

Please note that the retreat language is English and for this event, it is a retreat for women only

What to look forward to:

  • Relaxation: Give yourself the time to slow down, unwind, and ​just "be." Take a breather from the hustle and bustle of your ​(professional) life
  • Self-Discovery: Explore and define your personal fundamental ​needs and how to express what truly matters to you
  • Empower Your Mind: Acquire essential skills to manage your ​thoughts and emotions as a foundation for achieving work-life ​balance, authentic leadership, resourcefulness, and supporting ​those around you
  • Connect to your body: Learn effective breathing techniques ​and Yoga postures to connect body and mind and boost your ​overall well-being
  • Community Support: Co-create and connect with other ​amazing women, building a network that will continue to ​support and inspire you long after the retreat


While we've designed an enriching schedule filled with ​insightful sessions and activities, we believe that allowing ​yourself the time and space to simply “be” is equally ​essential.

So, during our retreat, we encourage you to honor the ​'Permission to just be.' It's not idleness; it's a crucial part of ​your journey. It's where the magic happens, where self-​reflection blooms, and where you have the freedom to ​truly enjoy the present moment




6 pm

6.30-8 pm

Dinner & Check-in


Welcome circle, introduction, landing


Relaxation, reading, bed time



Silent Walk


(Silent) breakfast


Workshop part I: Vision creation: what do you ​want to create more of?




Free time, journaling, connecting, sleeping...

Workshop part II: Mental states, our nervous system & ​how we can influence how we think and feel






Guided Meditation, Breathing exercises, Sharing circle


Relaxation, reading, bed time



Grounding Yoga


(Silent) breakfast


Workshop part III: Manifestation - how do you travel ​from here?





Closing circle


Check out & departure

As of 4pm

Location & packages

The beautiful and peaceful location De Hoorneboeg will ​be our get-away destiation in nature - where you only ​need to arrive, the rest will be taken care off.

Nestled among the trees at the edge of the Hilversumse ​Hei, is our retreat space In de Luwte, a former chapel and ​long-time library of the estate, with shelves filled with ​books on philosophy. It is a serene and tranquil space, ​offering the perfect space and privacy for our group.

To create a wonderful community and to provide the best space for ​your personal journey, we are going to keep the group size to a ​maximum of 12 participants.

Early Bird offer till 31st of December 2023:

Double room Early Bird: 650 EUR

Singe room Early Bird: 750 EUR


Double room: 695 EUR (fully booked)

Single room: 795 EUR (fully booked)

Prices are p.P. and including VAT for private individuals, excl. VAT if you would like to ​receive a business invoice


  • Two nights' stay in a single or double room (shared bathroom)
  • 3 x inspiring workshop sessions
  • 3 x Guided meditation or Yoga session with breathing exercises that ​show you hands-on tools to take with
  • 1 x Silent walk and the option to also have breakfast in silence
  • Community access also after the retreat (we will organize a WhatsApp ​group and a follow-up event - not mandatory)
  • Retreat workbook
  • Wonderful organic vegetarian/vegan breakfast, lunch, dinner and​ healthy snacks
  • Unlimited water and herbal tea
  • Use of all available yoga materials

Not Included:

  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • €10 parking fee at Hoorneboeg per car (only applicable if you arrive by ​car, payable on-site, and no reservation is required)

About us

Christie Linley

I am Christie Linley Jonge Poerink, founder of Christie Linley, practice for life ​coaching in Amsterdam. I am a mother of two sons, a sister to four siblings, a ​daughter, a friend, an International and a cross cultural coach. As an internationally ​qualified NLP Life and Health coach, I am very fortunate and privileged because I ​live my passion. I believe that we all have the right to know and learn how to ​achieve fulfillment and happiness in our lives and careers. Get well. Be well. Live ​well.

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Laura Willecke

I am Laura Willecke, a consultant, systemic coach and Yoga teacher. As a female ​leader, I deeply understand the unique challenges that come with the territory. ​Having navigated high-pressure corporate roles, I know firsthand what it means to ​wear a mask and the toll it can take on one's authenticity. Through my own journey, ​I've come to appreciate the importance of staying true to oneself, and I'm ​passionate about guiding others on this path.

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Coaching retreat for women

February 16 - 18th 2024

Hoorneboeg 5, 1213 RE Hilversum